Haruyoshi Confesses!

Will Haruyoshi win Miou over in Anonymous Noise, Vol. 6?

By Amy Yu January 31, 2018

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[mild spoilers]

Anonymous Noise, Volume 6 just came out, and it features Kuro on the cover this time! Kuro is one of my favorite characters in this series because his cheerfulness and jokes lift me up when things feel all intense and serious with the other boys. Things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows for Kuro though—and you can find out more details about that in volume 7. ;) 

In this volume, the gang gets caught up in preparations for the school festival, and things heat up between Haruyoshi and Miou! Haruyoshi has pined for Miou forever, and he finally finds the courage to confess his true feelings to her. He knows Miou still likes Yuzu, but he hopes that he can help her forget Yuzu once they start dating. Ngahhh~~ It seems like such a bad idea to me when things are so murky, but maybe this is what Miou needs to move on! What do you guys think?? 

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Here’s a free preview of Anonymous Noise, Volume 6!