Graphic Novels 03/01/16

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By Urian Brown March 01, 2016

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BleachBLEACH vol. 66    
by Tite Kubo

With the cool-headed Soul Reaper Captain Hitsugaya as her own personal zombie, Gigi continues her attack against the other brave soul reapers. Does the nefarious mad scientist Mayuri have a plan to turn the fight around? Meanwhile, Yhwach and his strongest warriors head toward the royal palace to face off against Squad Zero! It's a battle you won't forget! 

Volume 66 available now!

Db3DRAGON BALL 3-in-1 vol. 12    
by Akira Toriyama

Son Goku knows he doesn’t stand a chance against a being as powerful as Cell. But when he and his friends train in the Room of Spirit and Time, there’s no telling what boundaries of skill and power they will surpass! And when they return to Earth ready to beat Cell at his own game, a surprising champion emerges.

Volume 12 available now!

NisekoiNISEKOI vol. 14   
by Naoshi Komi

Raku unexpectedly reunites with Yui Kanakura, a childhood friend who was like an older sister to him back in the day. Yui is now the head of a Chinese mafia syndicate, and not only will she be living with Raku while in Japan, but she's also his new homeroom teacher! Perhaps she can help Raku remember his past with Chitoge, Onodera and Marika…

Volume 14 available now!

Op3 15ONE PIECE 3-in-1 vol. 15
by Eiichiro Oda

Luffy and his Straw Hat crew duke it out with CP9, a band of dastardly World Government goons headquartered on the island of Enies Lobby. CP9’s goal? Abducting Nico Robin, the Straw Hats’ newest crew member, in order to activate an ancient weapon called Pluton. But when the enemy accidentally initiates a dreaded “Buster Call” military maneuver, the island and everyone on it is slated for complete annihilation!

Volume 15 available now!

One Punch ManONE-PUNCH MAN vol. 5 
story by ONE, art by Yusuke Murata

To stop a Demon-level crisis, our bald-headed hero Saitama and company head toward the action. However, even Class-S heroes prove to be no match for the Deep Sea King! In fact, they seemed like mere sardines compared to this titan of the sea! In order to protect the good citizens, our heroes will need to summon all of their courage and confront this threat!

Volume 5 available now!

story by Takaya Kagami, art by Yamato Yamamoto, storyboards by Daisuke Furuya

The attack on Nagoya begins! The Japanese Imperial Demon Army descends on the vampire nobles, aiming to exterminate them completely. Three squads are assigned to take down each of the eight nobles. Because they are undermanned in comparison, Shinoa and Narumi squads will have to work together seamlessly to take down their one noble. But lurking amongst the nobles is Crowley Eusford, a formidable vampire eager to drink dry his would-be vanquishers.

Volume 8 available now!

World TriggerWORLD TRIGGER vol. 9  
by Daisuke Ashihara

The Neighbor invasion continues! Border has its best agents out in the field, but the enemy is trickier than anything they've ever faced before! With less than 16 minutes left until the crossroads Jin predicted, the endgame looms. Will Osamu make it back to HQ in time to save the cubified Chika? 

Volume 9 available now!

YgozYU-GI-OH! ZEXAL vol. 8 
story by Shin Yoshida, art by Naohito Miyoshi

The duel between Yagumo and Ryoga opens a door to another world that pulls in Yuma and his friends. On the other side, they discover that Yagumo is planning to use a black hole to destroy Earth and the Astral World! Yagumo, Ryoga, Kaito and Yuma band together to stop Yagumo, but even their combined strength may not be enough!

Volume 8 available now!

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