Getting Kidnapped by Demons Is Boring!

Sleepy Editor in the VIZ Castle chats about one tough princess!

By Annette Roman June 13, 2018

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I’d like to introduce you to the new manga series I’m working on, Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle ...but...yawn...ZZZzzzz....

Slp Blog Sleeping Princess

Whazzit—?! Hrnghh?!

Okay, you see, the problem with editing this series is that it’s the story of an adorable princess named Syalis who is being held captive in the Demon King’s castle, where she tries everything she can think of to get a good, or better, a perfect night’s sleep. And whenever I edit it, all the talk about sleeping makes me...yawn...ZZzzzzzzzz...

Ack! I need to stay awake at least long enough to write this blog entry for you!

I will do my best! Although that phrase belongs to another genre of manga... Anyway, here goes...

One of the fun things about this title is that the damsel in distress is anything but. In fact she wreaks havoc amongst her demon captors, using them—and their body parts—to make herself the perfect luxury bed, bedding and bedroom. Fortunately, the castle is staffed with a Demon Cleric who can resurrect the princess’s victims—not to mention her—when she goes too far.

Here are some examples of Princess Syalis’s attempts to make the perfect luxury pillow...

Pillows Made From Demons 1

Pillows Made From Demons 2

Another thing I really enjoy about Sleepy Princess is the role playing video game theme woven throughout the story. I knew all those Tuesday nights playing World of Warcraft with my VIZ Guild and that random guy from somewhere else in the U.S. weren’t a waste of time! Now can I write them off on my taxes as professional research expenses...?

I apologize for the digression... What I meant to tell you is that the Sleepy Princess story is full of gamer details like gathering quests, damage points and status ailments. The Demon King is basically a handsome, nerdy level boss who looks forward to creating obstacles for the Hero and facing him in a grand finale. Until then, the Hero is on his way to rescue the princess...and on his way...and on his way... Let’s just say the obstacles delaying his arrival are not the ones put in place by the Demon King, who actually believes in fair game play.

Demon King Page

The backgrounds of this manga are intricate and beautiful, each episodic chapter adds a new twist to the recurring theme, and most of the hapless demons are mega-cute. What we at VIZ wouldn’t do for a plush version of the ubiquitous toddling Teddy Demons with their cute little leathery bat wings! Sigh...

Slp Cuddly Teddy Demons

Slp Brushing Teddy Demons

So remember, unlike Princess Syalis, if you're bored, there are other things for you to do than sleep...

Slp Last Image Don't Be Bored read!

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No, no! Don't read the Forbidden Grimoire! Read the manga Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle !