From Boss to Boyfriend

Tama’s final mission is to accept Tora’s love in SP Baby, Vol. 2.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite February 21, 2018

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In volume 2 Tama and Tora become a couple, but there are still many secrets to reveal!

Spb02 01

Tama reveals why she became wary of coming to other people’s aid after being so strong and resolute previously.

Spb02 02

I was surprised at how Tora knew Tama in the past, and that she didn’t remember because he just wasn’t that memorable to her back then… (Ouch.)

The fact that Tora changed up so much of his life to be free to start a long-term relationship with Tora surprised me as well. I hope he has some aptitude for becoming a future prime minister… Heh.

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