First Love Gets a Second Chance

The long-awaited Ao Haru Ride makes its debut!

By Nancy Thistlethwaite October 03, 2018

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Sometimes things don’t happen when you want them too. You may even give up hope they will ever occur. But then, unexpectedly, they do. You get another chance. And here, for those who have waited, is Ao Haru Ride.

Although Futaba disliked boys in her class in junior high, Kou Tanaka was different. He wasn’t loud and obnoxious, but rather shy and cute.

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Their blossoming romance was nipped in the bud before it really began when Kou moved away. Now that they're in high school, he’s back with a different last name.

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But if Futaba thought they could simply pick back up where they left off, she’s in for a surprise.

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What I really love about Ao Haru Ride is that it’s a high school romance done so well. It’s a joy to read. And if you’re wondering why the series is called Ao Haru Ride, Io Sakisaka writes about meaning behind the title in volume 1.