Everyone's Getting Married Finale

Asuka’s closest friends are getting married, but is tying the knot in her future too?

By Nancy Thistlethwaite March 07, 2019

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When we last left Asuka and Ryu, their long-distance relationship became too difficult to maintain, and Asuka broke up with Ryu. I thought that vol. 8 was full of those tough choices that adults have to make. Facing up to the reality of the situation was left to Asuka.
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Ryu still has a bit to work through, and Asuka is wise enough to know that marriage as a compromise won’t cut it. Ryu has to want it just as much as she does. Some may have written off Asuka as a weak female character because her goal is to be a homemaker, but her desire for a family does not make her weak. The life she wants is on her terms.

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Everyone’s Getting Married surprised me by how contemporary it is and how it deals with relationships. It’s not a manga that advocates one life choice over another—rather it asks its characters what makes them happy, and that pursuit of happiness is what ultimately determines their futures.

You can read a free preview of Everyone's Getting Married, Vol. 9 here. (This series is rated M for Mature.)