Enter the Mind of Junji Ito

Venture into the dark depths of Junji Ito’s thoughts with this exclusive Q&A.

By VIZ Media August 17, 2021

Discover a new side of Junji Ito as he answers some horrifying questions pertaining to the Ito-verse!

If horror was a food what would it taste like?
Junji Ito: I guess smoked squid. The more you chew, the more flavor you get.

What sound scares you?
Junji Ito: I’m scared of the sound of a siren. When I was a kid, I was scared of the sirens ringing when there was a fire.

What would happen if everything you imagined became reality at the instant you imagined it?
Junji Ito: Jupiter would be approaching, its terrifying pattern can be clearly seen in the night sky, and human beings would go mad with fear!

What would you do if there was a hanging blimp of yourself outside?
Junji Ito: I even don’t want to see my face objectively, so I would be shivering in my futon.

How would you feel if all the cats in the world disappeared?
Junji Ito: Shall I draw pictures of cats and sell them?

Is there a shape scarier than a spiral? What other shapes scare you?
Junji Ito: I’m scared of a radial pattern. It reminds me of spider or centipede legs.

What rides would be at a Junji Ito theme park?
Junji Ito: Not only would it have “The Ice Cream Bus” ride, but a “Giant Slug Bus” and “The Hanging Blimp” ride too.

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