Edgiest Manga of 2018?

Fire Punch will test your comfort levels!

By Jennifer LeBlanc January 16, 2018

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NOTE: Fire Punch is rated M for Mature.

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Hundreds of years into our future, the world is a vastly different place. The landscape is now blanketed in snow and ice, and the starving and sometimes crazed masses will do anything to survive. But it isn’t only the landscape that has changed, so have our future generations. You see, in this world, there are people blessed with special abilities, and when power and a desperate need to survive mix, the line between good and evil sometimes blurs.

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After being found in the snow near death, orphans—and two such Blessed—Agni and Luna are taken in by a nearby village and nursed back to health. To show his gratitude, Agni uses his regenerative abilities to provide the village with fresh meat…his own.

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Unfortunately, soldiers from Behemdorg—the kingdom seeking to defeat the Ice Witch it believes is causing all the world's suffering—are nearby, and it isn’t long before they find the village, ransacking it to replenish their supplies. And as they do, they stumble upon the stores of meat Agni’s been providing them.

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Doma—a soldier blessed with flames that won’t extinguish until its fuel has perished—takes it upon himself to cleanse the village of its sin, burning everyone and everything to the ground.

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With Luna’s last words still ringing in his ears, Agni fights for his own survival, vowing revenge against the man who destroyed the only life he ever knew.

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Eight years pass, and Behemdorg continues enslaving any physically capable person, regardless of age. Because Blessed have special abilities, they are highly sought after, which forces many to hide their abilities out of fear of being captured or killed.

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Desperate, the people seek a savior. And when one arrives engulfed in flames, it appears their prayers have been answered.

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But can a man who burns only for revenge save this world from itself? Find out by reading a Free Preview of Fire Punch now!