Dr. STONE Rocks!

Two manga creative powerhouses come together for a stone-cold cool new manga!

By John Bae September 04, 2018

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Science has long been the great equalizer for the physically weak when confronted with immense physical strength. We've seen this David-and-Goliath fight play out again and again throughout history, from, well...David to Inspector Gadget to MacGyver! Tales of wit and cunning triumphing over brute force have kept underdogs whooping and hollering over the centuries, and that tradition continues today with the release of Dr. STONE, Vol. 1!

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Dr. STONE is the love child of two creative geniuses—BOICHI and Riichiro Inagaki. Both are experienced in the art of manga making, and that know-how certainly shines through in the striking art and the unique story. The concept is both grand in scope and simple—a mysterious phenomenon petrifies all of humanity. Thousands of years pass before the series’ protagonist Senku is somehow released from his inert state.

BOICHI is an artist quite unlike any we've seen before in Shonen Jump. The closest approximation I can make would be to combine Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro Sensei with Yoshihiro Togashi Sensei, two heavyweights of the Weekly Shonen Jump art world! And even that might not do justice to BOICHI's incredible attention to detail. His realistic renderings and comical distortions are mesmerizing!

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Not to be outdone by the artist, Riichiro Inagaki of Eyeshield 21 fame, takes on the epic task of creating a dystopic future that is primordial in nature! But the genius behind the story in Dr. STONE isn't found in the overarching plot—instead it's rooted in the small trials and tribulations the main characters must undertake in order to survive. It's through these small skirmishes, mishaps and chance encounters that we learn more about Senku and the messed-up future he finds himself in.

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Can Senku restart a petrified civilization based on science? Find out now in Dr. STONE, Vol. 1!