Dr. STONE Creators Coming to Anime NYC!

The mad scientists behind the hit manga are coming to New York!  

By Urian Brown July 10, 2019

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Everyone in the world was turned to stone! For 3,000 years, humankind remained a macabre gallery of motionless statues. Until one woke up! His name is Senku, and he's a genius. Literally, a scientific genius. Together with this newly awakened friends, he's determined to use science to save the world! The manga's been building a buzz for years and now the anime's made the popularity of the series explode!

Come to Anime NYC for your chance to see writer Riichiro Inagaki and artist Boichi! Tickets for the show are available on the Anime NYC website.

Stay tuned to the SJ Twitter @Shonenjump and VIZ Twitter @VIZMedia for more details as they emerge.