Asuka and Ryu put their relationship to the test in Everyone’s Getting Married, Vol. 7.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite January 04, 2018

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Long-distance relationships: How many survive?

Ryu gets offered a position with his network in Washington, D.C. But he doesn’t want to get married and Asuka has been recently promoted in her job, so is seems the couple is facing a separation for a substantial time period.

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Sometimes a mutual compromise isn’t possible, so one must concede. Asuka has (at least temporarily) conceded her dreams of marriage and now living together in support of Ryu. He has accepted it without too much thought about what it really means for Asuka.

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Both characters are about to confront their individual shortcomings in this relationship, I think, and it will not go well.

I’m very nervous for them! (ノдヽ)