Choose, Nino, Choose!

Nino can't have it both ways in Anonymous Noise, Vol. 13!

By Amy Yu April 29, 2019

Anonymous13 c1 1200x630 v2

Oh boy… Be careful what you wish for, hmm, Nino? Anonymous Noise, Vol. 13 (unlucky 13?!) has Nino on the ropes as she struggles to find her voice. Now that she and Momo are together, it appears that she has nothing to yearn for…and consequently, her singing sucks!

112 Final

The answer seems simple to Yuzu, of course…

29 Final

But Nino just can’t quit Momo! (Duh!)

Final 89

Looks like Nino’s going to have to battle things out in real time onstage. Gotta say things aren’t looking too great for her though…

Finalfinal 100

Sooo what’s going to happen on this Tokyo Sailing stage?! Is Nino/Alice going out with a bang? Find out in vol. 14, which streets on May 7!

Here’s where you can find a free preview of Anonymous Noise, Vol. 13.

P.S. Vol. 13 has a one shot called “Spilled Gelatin”—if you’re into black cats, check it out! ;)