Azusa Tokugawa for the Win

So Cute It Hurts! Vol. 14 favorite scene.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite August 23, 2017

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From her origins as a cliche bully, Azusa Tokugawa has managed to earn her way into becoming my favorite character. She's faced a lot of hurdles on that path, but she has an iron core of determination that really shines in this volume.

The Tohoku earthquake has hit, and aftershocks are rippling across Japan. People are panicking, including Azusa, who has always been afraid of earthquakes.

So Cute 14 001

Mitsuru, who has always been incredibly supportive of Azusa, tells her she shouldn't be ashamed of being afraid of a frightening situation. His acceptance of her fear allows her process it, and while she is still frightened, she is no longer petrified.

So Cute 14 001

Knowing that Mitsuru has her back, Azusa is able to take decisive charge when she gets to her family's company. Her dad is still in panic mode, but Azusa has mastered her fear like a true leader.

So Cute 14 001

And she's not ashamed to admit that she might be overtaken by fear again, but she trusts that Mitsuru will be there if she needs him. 

So Cute 14 001

These two have such a supportive partnership, I think they'll go far!

Which is your favorite So Cute! couple?