An Incurable Case of Love Debuts!

Nurse Nanase’s prince charming turns out to be a grumpy doctor?

By Nancy Thistlethwaite October 02, 2019

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Maki Enjoji is a master of romantic comedies. You may have read her other Shojo Beat series—Happy Marriage?! and SP Baby. Her work is funny, sexy, and full of heart.

Nanase Sakura encounters a young doctor, and together they help save the life of a stranger. This has such an impact on Nanase that she decides to train as a nurse and work with the handsome doctor. 


Five years later they meet again—but he’s not at all like the prince charming she had envisioned.


Kairi Tendo is a dedicated pulmonologist who expects excellence from his staff. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and even though Nanase drives him crazy, he still offers to help and mentor her. He looks out for his patients and the nurses who work in his department.


Maki Enjoji’s manga always cheers me up, and this is no exception. I’m rooting for Nanase as she navigates her new job and becomes closer to Dr. Kairi Tendo. Ganbatte (do your best), girl!

Read of free preview of An Incurable Case of Love by Maki Enjoji here.