An Ally Cat & Ghosts!

Q's past makes a haunting appearance in Queen's Quality, Vol. 7!

By Amy Yu June 24, 2019

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I’m dying to know who the mysterious white cat in Queen’s Quality, Vol. 7 is! Not only does she help Fumi and Q during their fight against the Komori ghost, but she makes a fun matchmaker too!


I thought this kitty had an “auntie” vibe, and at first I thought she was actually Komachi from volume 6, but then she mentioned that she hadn’t seen Takaya since he was a baby…so maybe she’s related to Takaya? I’d love to hear your guesses!

Speaking of relations, we get to find out more about Q’s parents in this volume! I’m not entirely sure if we can rely on the truth of Takaya’s story about the parents’ demise, but I’m super thrilled we get to meet Toko’s ghost!


Toko strikes me as a strong and generous woman, one who won’t take crap from anyone (especially her husband and Takaya)! Her personality is so lively and fun—I felt sad knowing that she’s already dead…but it makes me happy to have her around, even as a ghost. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this strongly about a ghost character before!

As for Q’s dad Yataro, I’m so curious what made him decide to betray his loved ones. It’s super tragic, but I bet it’s tied to the White Queen and Fumi in some big way. I can’t wait to dive into volume 8 to find out more!

In the meantime, check out the free preview for Queen's Quality, Vol. 7 here!

P.S. Volume 8 will be out on December 3, so please mark your calendars for its release!