All Episodes of Inuyasha Anime for $59.99

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By VIZ Media December 05, 2023

Here’s the chance to own your favorite shonen anime digitally for a great price this holiday season. This complete series contains the entire Inuyasha anime series, and the entire Inuyasha: The Final Act series together in one set from all your favorite digital retailers. But this deal will not last long! Own all 193 episodes of Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi for $59.99 starting December 5 through December 11, 2023.

Kagome, an average ninth grader, gets pulled into an ancient well by a demon, bringing her 500 years in the past to a feudal era. There she meets Inuyasha, a half-demon who seeks the Shikon Jewel to make himself a full-fledged demon. With Inuyasha, Kagome’s search for the Jewel of Four Souls begins.

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