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Yuzu puts the band on hiatus in Anonymous Noise, Vol. 16?!

By Amy Yu October 28, 2019

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Volume 16 of Anonymous Noise has so many great Yuzu moments! First we get him jumping off the Rock Horizon stage and actually SINGING…


Then he hits everyone with the news that he wants to put In No Hurry on hiatus!


Of course this news puts everyone in a tizzy, especially Haruyoshi. I think the scene where he tells Miou how he feels about the hiatus is endearing…


While Nino has her own worries about the hiatus too, she decides to channel this opportunity in a positive direction!

By the way, I really love chapter 93 where we see Yuzu meet Yana for this first time. (How amazing is it the Yana was the original bass player for V-Chick, the band that inspired the In No Hurry members as kids?) And the best part of the chapter for me is seeing Yana’s love for Tsukika actually be requited!


So what’s going to happen during In No Hurry’s year-long hiatus?! Be sure to check out vol. 17, which streets on November 5!

And here’s where you can find a free preview of Anonymous Noise, Vol. 16!