A Sorceress Grows Up

Ran faces her hardest challenge yet in Ran and the Gray World series finale!

By Amy Yu May 15, 2020

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In the final volume of Ran and the Gray World, Ran grapples with heart wrenching grief and loss. Because of her sorceress powers, the whole town of Haimachi gets pulled into her sorrow, and everyone cries right along with her. (One of the dangers of crying so much is dehydration, and Ran’s brother Jin sends her friend Hibi away since death by dehydration is a thing.) Luckily, Ran manages to move forward despite her grief, and this feat is in large part thanks to the love and support of Hibi.

Ran07 108

In some ways, that sorrow is a catalyst that pushes Ran to grow more as a sorceress. She starts thinking outside of her own desires, and she wants to become stronger so that she can protect her town and those she loves.

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It’s been so wonderful watching Ran’s journey in this series! As author Aki Irie says at the end of this book, “Growing up is about both change and choice, and I’m relieved and proud to see the path Ran is heading down.”

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I hope all of you have enjoyed this beautiful series. I think it might be the most beautiful one I’ve worked on, myself.

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