A Message About Jujutsu Kaisen!

From its mangaka, Gege Akutami. 

By VIZ Media June 13, 2021

Jujutsu Kaisen is taking a short break so mangaka Gege Akutami can rest up for a bit. Here's a message from the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Team and a message from Akutami Sensei. And below that, a humorous handwritten note from the mangaka, with translations for both. 

A message from the Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Team and Gege Akutami.

Japanese Editorial

To the Readers:

Thank you for always supporting Jujutsu Kaisen.

Due to Akutami Sensei’s health issues, Jujutsu Kaisen will be taking a break starting next issue.
Akutami Sensei wanted to continue working on the manga, but after a meeting with the editorial department, it was decided that the prudent course of action would be to take a temporary break to allow for any health issues to recover.

Stay tuned for future updates in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. We apologize to all the readers who were looking forward to the next chapter, but we hope you understand and continue to support Jujutsu Kaisen.

-Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial

From Akutami Sensei.

The editorial department has been suggesting that I take a break for a while now, but I have been putting it off. The reason being that creating Jujutsu Kaisen without the rush of a weekly serialization didn’t seem as attractive to me, and I wanted to draw the series so it would progress as fast as possible. A single break now and then would not be enough for me to catch up like most mangaka are able to, and I would eventually be in the same place I am now. So, I decided to accept the kind offer from the editorial department and will take a break that should last about a month. I want to reassure everyone that I am not suffering from any kind of serious illness and my mental state is strong. I do apologize for the long wait. When I return, I will treat it as the start of a new series and do my very best.

A personal note from Gege Akutami.


"As explained in the magazine page, I have decided to take a break that will probably last about a month. I did have feelings that it’s wrong for a rookie like me to take a break that isn’t even when the story is between the end of a long arc and the start of a new one. And I also know that I’m not the only one facing these challenges. But I have been causing a lot of people trouble by being later and later with the Jujutsu schedule. So I’m incredibly thankful to be able to take this break. I really don’t have any kind of serious health issue. However, I did an interview the other day where I said, “All I need is a half day to do the storyboards [cat face].” But I was spending two and a half days in the position you see here before I could actually start that half day. [stiff cat “Can’t move…”] 

Then my regular chiropractor moved away. [art on upper left “Without you, who will take care of my butt…?!”]
When I’m awake, all the eateries would be closed. [art on middle right “Last order at 7pm”]
And it all culminated with the dreaded publishing of some art in the rough draft stage. [art on bottom left “This is the storyboard” “Um, it’s the roughs”] 

Those type of things all piled up to bring me to my current state.
As I said before, I will treat my return like the start of a new series and do my very best."

-Gege Akutami