A Masterpiece Worthy of the Louvre

Acclaimed mangaka Naoki Urasawa paints a humorous, heart-warming caper tale in Mujirushi.

By Karla Clark July 23, 2020

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The latest tale from the critically acclaimed manga artist Naoki Urasawa takes readers on a journey to the City of Love—Paris, France. But first, Urasawa takes readers on a brief stopover in Japan where we meet Kamoda, a man willing to do whatever it takes to earn a quick buck.

From skipping his taxes to mass producing presidential masks for a stranger on a whim, Kamoda has done it all. So when Kamoda’s antics leave his family bankrupt, it’s no surprise that his wife leaves him. Drowning in debt and the sole caretaker for their only daughter, the sharp and witty Kasumi, Kamoda hits rock bottom.

That is, until a crow delivers some good news in the form of a note, a sign that leads Kamoda to the Director, a mysterious Francophile who promises to fulfill all his dreams. But first, Kamoda and Kasumi must do something for him, pull off one of the greatest heists in history.

By taking readers on a trip into the illustrious Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace, Urasawa uses art as a vehicle to tell a masterful tale about family and the ways they grow apart, break and piece themselves back together.

But Mujirushi is also a fun tale, a caper full of missteps, growling crows called Maria, a hard-boiled detective looking for a final win, and an unexpected cameo from the popular Osomatsu series.

This masterful graphic novel, a one-shot collaboration with the Louvre, complete with color pages and a special comment from Urasawa himself, serves as the perfect love letter to Paris and Francophiles the world over.

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