A Bold, Bombastic, BIZARRE Blu-ray

We’re Hamon it up with JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, out now!

By Charlene Ingram August 09, 2017

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It’s no secret fans of JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE are a passionate bunch, a patient bunch, even. Good things come to those who wait and now's the time to be truly rewarded. The insane, over-the-top Shonen Jump epic has finally arrived on Blu-ray! Oh, what a beautiful Blu-ray it is, too. Don’t know about JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE? Oh my Joestars, let’s fix that right away!

Much like a member of the Joestar family, this release is a considerably beefier than one might expect and we’re not talking just about the heft of the box itself! First off, you get all 26 episodes of the first season, covering both Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency arcs, all on four gorgeous Blu-ray discs. The season itself is presented in fabulous 1080p high definition, sourced from the Japanese home media releases, with both English language dub and Japanese with all-new English subtitles. All the original opening and ending songs are included, making for an experience fit for an anime connoisseur.

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Jojo Bandanna

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The box itself features a plethora of psychedelic colors on a premium, hinged metallic foil chipboard box. Inside, along with the discs, you’ll find a hefty 168-page booklet filled with storyboards, Director’s notes and loads of info about the episodes. Dig even deeper into the depths of its resplendent glory and find nine full-color art cards, each based on the original Japanese Blu-ray releases. Plunge even deeper and you’ll probably find Dio as well, so make sure you take proper precautions.

Much like the heroic Joestar family, it’s a set beautiful inside and out. Let’s take a look and unbox it, shall we?

Excited yet? This is our very first JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Blu-ray release and the whole team worked hard to make a set you could be “Wryyy-ly” proud to add to your anime shelf. Even if you own this epic series in another format, our limited edition Blu-ray is one not to miss. You can also watch all-new episodes of the third arc of the series, STARDUST CRUSADERS, Saturday nights on Toonami. We’ve got free manga chapters and subtitled anime episodes to enjoy right here on VIZ.com as well. Still need more Joestars? Pick up this month’s Otaku USA magazine and bask in the chiseled glory of a double-sided full-color JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE centerfold begging to adorn your wall. With so much JOJO’S to enjoy, we must pose the question… what are you waiting for?