A Bodyguard's Job

Who's the surprise bodyguard in Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 15?

By Amy Yu January 29, 2019

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Yona got slashed in the back in the last volume, but she gives Hyo a big slice across his beloved face in Yona of the Dawn volume 15! (As if Hyo didn’t hate Yona enough…) When Hak sees Yona’s injury, he feels utterly responsible for failing to protect her, and who could blame him?

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We’re all touched by how much Hak cares for Yona, but I think it's important how Yona makes the distinction that she is the one responsible for her decisions. It’s another scene that shows Yona’s growth and strength—she’s no longer a princess to be protected. She’s a leader who protects others. (In fact, she got that back injury protecting Riri.)

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Speaking of Riri, one of the biggest surprises of the volume includes her run-in with none other than Su-won! Riri has no clue who he is, but he saves her from some of Hyo’s henchmen and makes her an intriguing offer!

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I really enjoyed how Riri and Su-won played off each other, and you just know this is going to lead up to a clash with Yona and the gang…

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For now, saving the Water Tribe from Hyo takes precedence, so be sure to see the epic battle in volume 16, out on February 5!

In the meantime, enjoy a free preview of vol. 15 here.