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Beast Children

Blood, guts and glory! Give it your all on the rugby field!

Created by Kento Terasaka | MoreLess about Beast Children

Sakura Shishigaya is the captain and only member of his middle school’s rugby team. One day, he learns that his schoolmate Yukito is the son of his idol, the deceased rugby player “The Beast” Onotora Itsuki! Sakura relentlessly tries to get Yukito play rugby with him, but Yukito refuses. He says that if Sakura wants to play with him, he needs to go to a Hyakkengawa high school! But when Sakura gets there, Yukito isn’t there! Instead, he finds a team started and funded by none other than Onotora Itsuki, “The Beast’s” children.

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Beast Children, Vol. 1

Ever since he saw rugby star Onotora Itsuki play in a live game, Sakura Shishigaya has been obsessed with rugby. Even after the master’s death, his dreams and skills live on in his son, Sakura’s schoolmate Yukito. Sakura declares Yukito his rival, and vows to tackle him on the field!

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