Agravity Boys
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Agravity Boys

A bro-tastic space comedy adventure!

Created by Atsushi Nakamura | MoreLess about Agravity Boys

Space—the final frontier. Four young men from the Freedom Federation are sent on a mission of intergalactic space exploration, only to get sucked into a black hole and stranded on the planet a-Jumbro. Thus begin their wacky adventures on an unexplored planet!

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Digital Only Agravity Boys, Vol. 3

Agravity Boys, Vol. 3

Ignoring the fact that three of our eight heroes are now the most wanted criminals in the entire universe, the Freedom Federation and Northern Alliance decide to work together to procure a time machine. Each man takes it upon himself to work day and night to gather information, but Geralt suddenly finds himself lovesick for an alien he’s been catfishing! And wait! Why is Chris now one of the most famous cosmic livestreamers in the universe?! What happened to finding a time machine?!

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