It’s chaos on Melemele Island as a group of small, mysterious Pokémon devour all the metal in sight! Professor Oak names the new species Meltan, and after one of them takes a liking to Rowlet, Ash adds it to his team! Then, the Ultra Guardians encounter more Ultra Beasts—including one who helps save Alola from certain danger—and Lillie, Sophocles, and Mallow finally receive Z-Rings of their own. And when Professor Kukui announces the opening of the first-ever Alola Pokémon League, not everyone is happy about it: Guzma, the menacing leader of Team Skull, is determined to destroy the League before it even starts!

2-Disc DVD Set, 18 Episodes, 1080p, 16x9 Aspect Ratio, English 2.0 Audio,English SDH Subtitles

SPECIAL FEATURES: Clean Opening and Ending

Release January 12, 2021
UPC 7-82009-24713-5
Length 396
Series Pokémon
Category TV Series
Age Rating TV-Y7