Ash is on a winning streak in the Pokémon World Coronation Series, but when the Fighting-type Gym Leader Bea hands him a rough defeat, can he get back on track? A visit to sunny Alola is sure to help when Ash reunites with his old friends and Pokémon! But it’s not long before chaos erupts in Galar, and Ash and Goh team up with Leon and Sonia to investigate the truth behind the region’s mysterious legends. As the menacing Eternatus looms above Galar, a pair of Legendary Pokémon appear, and our heroes brace themselves for the battle of a lifetime!

2-Disc DVD Set, 16 Episodes (33-48), 16x9 Video, English Stereo 2.0 Audio, English SDH

SPECIAL FEATURES: Clean Opening and Ending

Release July 12, 2022
UPC 7-82009-24746-3
Length 340
Series Pokémon
Category TV Series
Age Rating TV-Y7