KUNOICHI VS. THE PUPPET MASTER!Team Kakashi is joined by Team Guy in their pursuit of Gaara's kidnappers, Deidara and Sasori, but their way to the Akatsuki hideout is fraught with familiar enemies and deadly traps. Once inside, Sakura and Granny Chiyo must take on Chiyo's own grandson, the puppet master Sasori, whose complex tricks and genius puppetry demand every last ounce of Chiyo's and Sakura's strength and skill to counter. Meanwhile, Naruto and Kakashi take off after Deidara, who is once again on the run with Gaara in tow...DISC # 4: FINALLY! KAKASHI SENSEI VS. ITACHI UCHIHA!EPISODES:14) NARUTO'S GROWTH15) THE SECRET WEAPON IS CALLED...16) THE SECRET OF JINCHURIKI17) THE DEATH OF GAARA! DISC # 5: GAARA RESCUE EFFORT GOES INTO OVERDRIVE!EPISODES:18) CHARGE TACTIC! BUTTON HOOK ENTRY!!19) TRAPS ACTIVATE! TEAM GUY'S ENEMIES20) HIRUKO VS. TWO KUNOICHI!21) SASORI'S REAL FACEDISC # 6: SAKURA VS. SASORI OF THE RED SAND!EPISODES:22) CHIYO'S SECRET SKILLS23) FATHER AND MOTHER24) THE THIRD KAZEKAGE25) THREE MINUTES BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH26) PUPPET FIGHT: 10 VS. 100! SPECIAL FEATURES: - Voice Actor Featurette: Sand vs. Leaf - Shippuden Quiz Show - Interactive Character Relations Chart: Team Guy - Production ArtBilingual: (Japanese & English)English Subtitles

Release April 20, 2010
UPC 7-82009-24000-6
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-2983-7
Length 325 min.
Series Naruto
Category TV Series
Age Rating   Teen Plus