Slum Online

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Hiroshi Sakurazaka was born in Tokyo in 1970. After a career in information technology, he published his first novel, Modern Magic Made Simple (Yoku wakaru gendai mahou), in 2003. Sakurazaka published All You Need Is Kill with Super Dash Bunko in 2004, and with it earned his first Seiun Award nomination. In 2009, the novel was the launch title for Haikasoru, and it formed the basis of the 2014 Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow. His other work includes the 2004 short story “Saitama Chainsaw Massacre,” which won the 16th SF Magazine Reader's Award and was published in English in Hanzai Japan in 2016; and the novel Slum Online, published by Haikasoru in 2010.

He remains one of Japan’s most energetic writers of both light novels and adult science fiction.

Slum Online

Etsuro Sakagami is a college freshman who simply drifts through life, but when he logs on to the combat MMO Versus Town, he becomes Tetsuo, a karate champ on his way to becoming the most powerful martial artist around. While his relationship with new classmate Fumiko goes nowhere, Etsuro spends his days and nights online in search of the invincible Ganker Jack. Drifting between the virtual and the real, will Etsuro ever be ready to face his most formidable opponent?

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