You Can't Escape Yoshikage Kira!

TEAM JUMP reviews JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Set 5!

By VIZ Media January 28, 2020

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Welcome to TEAM JUMP's anime home-video review, where we take a look at the latest Shonen Jump anime releases on Blu-ray and DVD and give an honest and TOTALLY UNBIASED review on the product. We’ll give you an overview of where in the story each set takes place and spill the details on all the awesome extra features that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else! And in this undoubtedly honest review, we’ll take a look at JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Set 5: Diamond Is Unbreakable Part 2 (Limited Edition).

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Diamond Is Unbreakable Part 2 continues the adventures of Josuke Higashikata in the small town of Morioh, where strange and unusual incidents occur, mostly due to mysterious Stand users hidden in plain sight. Josuke and his friends come across Yoshikage Kira, a strikingly handsome office worker who just wants to live a quiet and simple life...or so it seems. Under the surface Kira is a dangerous killer with a formidable Stand, and he will do whatever it takes to keep his lifestyle and love for severed women's hands undisturbed. 

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The Limited Edition set has episodes 21-39 on three Blu-ray discs and includes a neat comprehensive booklet that shows off original drawings from each episode, as well as some notes and commentary from director Naokatsu Tsuda. This is a nice bonus for any JoJo's enthusiast, or for fans who love behind-the-scenes content that give you a glimpse of how the anime is brought to life from page to screen. The Limited Edition Blu-ray also comes in a hardcover case, similar to the rest of the Limited Edition series, making for a high quality, aesthetically pleasing collectible that will give your shelves the flair and fashion that only a JoJo's set can!

Now for a quick look at the rest of our TOTALLY UNBIASED review, check out our chart that highlights the strengths of the product's content and features:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Set 5: Diamond Is Unbreakable Part 2 Strength Chart 
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Product Packaging: The hardcover case also has a black and silver diamond pattern finish, a nice nod to the Diamond Is Unbreakable arc that set covers. (And of course, the devastatingly handsome Yoshikage Kira graces the cover). Score: 5/5

Action/Battle Scenes: In this part of the Diamond Is Unbreakable story, we have an even bigger cast of Stand users that pump up the fights with explosions and madness. Score: 5/5

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Bizarre-ness: Kira's fascination with severed hands probably breaks the scale on this one. (If that's not weird enough for you, wait until you see the scene with the fingernails.) Score: 8/5

Hair Style: As we all know, Josuke's hair is GREAT, and that cannot ever be disputed. In fact, there seems to be a lot of sweet do's going around Morioh. Score: 5/5

Romance: For such a dangerous killer, Kira does show off a bit of his of dating skills in a very strange way... Score: 3/5

DORARARARA: *May also include some ORAs. Score: 7/5


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