Where to Buy Levius: The Complete First Season

The ultimate underdog story arrives on digital!

By VIZ Media March 07, 2023

The boxing anime Levius: The Complete First Season is now available from: Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Microsoft, and VUDU!

Young Levius is a talented fighter rising quickly through the ranks of the brutal sport of metal boxing. Throwing himself into the arena, Levius calls on his strength to push himself to victory and save a young woman from his mysterious past. With his uncle Zack as his coach, engineer Bill, and sparring partner Natalia in his corner, it seems nothing can stand in his way. But outside of the ring, the diabolical Dr. Clown has plans of his own for Levius.

Watch as Levius battles to become the best metal boxer in Levius: The Complete First Season. This set includes all 12 episodes on Blu-ray and Digital. Levius: The Complete First Season can be yours from: Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Microsoft, and VUDU.

Levius: The Complete First Season Episode List

1. All of the Impact Ends Up Here
2. Does It Seem Like the Boy is Getting On Okay?
3. How in the World Does That Thing Pass as an Elbow Guard?
4. He… He’s the Real Thing…
5. Do I Look Like an Idiot Who Thinks About Losing Before a Fight?
6. She Called Out for My Help
7. Do You Remember? We Met Before
8. These Young Geniuses… It’s Enough to Make You Sick…
9. Can You Make the Deadline?
10. It’s Me Who’s to Give You That Thrashing!
11. The Possibility of It Working Is Infinitely Close to Zero!
12. It’s Finer Than Usual Today

Levius: The Complete First Season will be available on Blu-ray March 21, 2023.

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