We’ve Got the Hook Up

Crochet your heart out with these delicious designs in Amigurumi Sweets.

By Amy Mar June 07, 2019

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From Dallas to Denmark crafters and are grabbing their crochet hooks and knitting needles to participate in World Wide Knit and Crochet in Public Day, Saturday, June 8th. If you’re in the Bay Area you might see me crocheting away underneath a shady tree and rocking to some anime beats. Just don’t mention the skipped chains, I’m still pretty new to it.

Whether you’re a master or novice, pick up our new craft book Amigurumi Sweets, for some sugary inspiration from Miyuki Ichikawa, famed amigurumi artist and member of the Japan Amigurumi Association. Covering over two dozen pint-sized projects based off of basic crochet techniques, there will be no shortage of charm per chain. The odango are adorable, the puddings are precious, but the best of all are the taiyaki, which is a quintessential Japanese treat in the shape of a fish reimagined in a stay-fresh, calorie-free, life-sized plush!

Still a bit nervous? Check out this video and get a handle on the basic techniques of crocheting amigurumi for the absolute beginner from the editor of Amigurumi Sweets, Nancy Thistlethwaite. Learn the tools of the trade, including the basics of starting a slip knot, single crochet and more.

Ready to jump in? Practice your skills with our free E-book, Doughnuts from Amigurumi Sweets.  

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