Uncensored Terraformars Action!

New Terraformars, Set 1 Blu-ray/DVD release is relentlessly vicious.

By VIZ Media January 25, 2018

Terraformar 1200x630 blog

Today we’re all a-buzz about a new release that might have you reaching for a can of…bug spray? All kidding aside, we’re talking about a show so dark and visceral, it’s sure to get under your skin. Of course, we’re talking about a brutal sci-fi series not for the squeamish—Terraformars! This anticipated thriller is out now in a striking Blu-ray + DVD combo pack. When we say it’s not for the faint of heart, just get a load of this trailer to see what we mean.

With a story based on some of the most fascinating scientific theories on the bleeding edge of plausibility, this new set has 100% of the spine-thrashing and juicy thorax-crushing violence that the manga of the same name is famous for. Not only is the entire season in this set uncensored, you'll also get a set of rare interviews with the staff behind it all. Join Manga Editor, Mike Montesa, and English Dub Producer, Matthew Hunter, in an insightful piece about bridging two mediums in one unforgettable tale.

Whether you’ve checked out the anime in its first, previously censored form, are a fan of the acclaimed manga, or are just wondering what it could be like for humanity to colonize Mars, Terraformars is a bone-crushing bloodbath of a treat. Need we remind you it’s absolutely not for the little ones or anyone with an aversion to ultraviolence!

If you already have your set and want to dig deeper into the full story, including more background on your favorite characters, then check out the manga that inspired the anime—there are 20 volumes to get lost in, each with a Free Preview available to read now!