Three Punches for Charity Project!

**December 2016 Update** Anime Expo 2016 Activities.

By VIZ Media December 30, 2016

Opm posters

**December 2016 Update**

After a successful series of conventions in 2016, we are pleased to report that we sold ALL of the posters for the Three Punches for Charity Project!

We raised $12,000 and have donated all of the proceeds to the two causes we listed here. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. You have helped out some very worthy causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

Happy Holidays!


Japan has experienced numerous devastating natural disasters over the past few years and we at VIZ Media wanted to support the reconstruction efforts in our own small way.

Beginning at Anime Expo, we will be selling three limited edition poster designs based on the One-Punch Man manga. Each poster design, printed on 11" x 17" premium paper, is accessibly priced $10 inc. tax. All proceeds will benefit two specific areas in Japan.

1) There were two devastating earthquakes that struck the city of Kumamoto this past April. Donations will support four locally based groups that are leading both immediate and long term recovery efforts for the area.

  •  JEN (Japan Emergency *NGO) delivers support to the evacuation centers where thousands of people still live. 
  •  IsraAID provides psychological services and child-friendly spaces for survivors. 
  •  Living Dreams fixes damaged children's homes and provides counseling for children. 
  •  Int'l Medical Corps provides health, nutrition and hygiene-related care at evacuation centers with a focus on vulnerable populations such as the elderly and people with physical disabilities

2) One of the most severely affected areas after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake is in the Miyagi prefecture and relief operations are still ongoing years later. The group JEN (Japan Emergency *NGO) is focused on reconstruction activities that generates jobs and rebuilds the community network.

*NGO = non-government organization

We hope that you support this project. Come see us at Booth #2205 to see the posters in person!