The Mr. Osomatsu Sextuplets Come to

WATCH NOW and determine Who's your best boy?!

By Charlene Ingram October 05, 2017

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We can’t hide our excitement: anime’s best boys, AKA the Matsuno Sextuplets, have come to! You can watch the premiere episode of Season 2 here now!

New to Mr. Osomatsu? Here's 66 seconds explaining why you can hop right in and be warmed by the most glorious, rainbow-hued trash fire ever. You can enjoy it whether or not you’ve seen the first season!

Okay, but WHAT is Mr. Osomatsu even about and why is it starting to take fandom by storm? Based (very loosely) on one of Japan’s classic comics about six identical ten-year-olds, this show is about the set of brothers ten years later. They are in their 20s but you can’t exactly call them grown-ups. With no jobs, no girlfriends, no charm and no sense, these boys are always getting into absurd, naughty and obnoxious adventures. The gags come at you a mile a minute and absolutely NOTHING is sacred. Kind of like South Park but with a variety of eye-popping animation styles from Studio Pierrot and a sensibility that is distinctly anime at its finest. Simply put, AMAZING.

The best part, however, is the characters! To get everyone up to date for Season 2, let’s get to know the Matsuno brothers. These jerks might look the same but that’s definitely where the similarities end.


First, we have Osomatsu, the eldest of the sextuplets and the self-appointed leader. He likes to think of himself as the most mature and well-adjusted of the brothers, but once he’s near a pachinko parlor or a place to play the ponies, he’s got an itch he’s just gotta scratch! Red is his image color.


Our boy in blue here is Karamatsu, completely convinced he is the coolest of the cool. With a penchant for painfully sparkly pants and other quirky fashion choices, this self-styled playboy probably believes all the ladies are just intimidated by his beauty. Sure.


No one knows what it’s like to be Otaku more than Choromatsu, the brother in green and most likely to have extra glowsticks at the next idol concert. He generally has a pessimistic demeanor but boy does he light up like a King Blade at fandom events!


Like cats? Wonderful. You probably don’t like them as much as our emo kid in purple, Ichimatsu, though. Messy and lazy, he’s always got a gloomy cloud over his head. Except, of course, when he’s with a certain special cat. Maybe that kitty can learn to brush his hair once in a while?


Jyushimatsu’s in yellow, and you won’t miss it when he says hello… because he’s LOUD. Fifth of the Sextuplets, he’s hyper, zany and looooooves baseball. Some might wonder about his smarts but it’s clear he exists on an entirely different level of reality where physics and logic don’t apply.


The baby boy in pink with the cheeky look is Todomatsu. Don’t let the irresistibly adorable attitude fool you, this one is the type to play both sides to his benefit. He’s super cute, so that might not be that much of a bad thing. What am I even talking about? This one’s definitely trouble like the rest of them.

Yep, the brothers are all horrible in their own ways, but they are so unlikeable they are actually… loveable. Watching their exploits is a guaranteed treat every week and you can enjoy them FREE in Japanese with English subtitles right here on New adventures drop every Tuesday. We’ll be adding even MORE ways to watch soon, so be sure to check back here or follow us on Social Media for the latest updates.

One more thing—since you’re the type of fan to read all the way to the bottom, I’m gonna give you a juicy bit of info. We’ll be DUBBING both seasons of Mr. Osomatsu! Until we have more updates, we hope you enjoy and continue to support our boys by streaming new episodes right here. SHEEEEEEEH!