Sweet Dreams To Sweet Screams

For the first time Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie arrives completely uncut and remastered!

By VIZ Media February 15, 2019

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We're very excited to bring you the release of Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie on DVD and Blu-ray. This release is remastered in HD and uncut (with both English language and Japanese with English subtitles) for the very first time.

This release is absolutely loaded with extras, including for the first time ever, the "Ami’s First Love" featurette. Other extras include art galleries, trailers and, if you pick up the Blu-ray version, there are also exclusive interviews with the cast you won’t want to miss.

More about Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie:

All across the world children have gone missing, hypnotized by a mysterious pied piper, they shamble out of their beds and disappear into the night onboard strange airships. Chibi-Usa falls under the spell as well and finds herself spirited away to the floating fortress, Marzipan Castle, with the other children.

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She then finds herself face to face with the nefarious Queen Badiane who reveals herself as the mastermind behind the plot. Harnessing the power of the children’s dreams she creates her black dream hole which threatens to engulf the entire planet. It’s now up to Sailor Moon and the Guardians to rescue Chibi-Usa and save the planet from an eternal slumber.

A riveting adventure, Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie is a must have for all Sailor Moon fans, so be sure to pick up a copy at your local Walmart, or on Amazon, RightStuf, Best Buy or your favorite anime retailer.