SP Baby Is Finally Here!

Introducing a new type of love action series.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite November 28, 2017

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November’s releases were pushed back a few weeks because of a fire in a warehouse where we store our books, but now the first volume of SP Baby is out in stores!

This series is by the same author of Happy Marriage?!, but the “love action” also has a lot to do with the heroine Tamaki becoming the hero’s bodyguard. “SP” is short for Security Police, the private group of bodyguards Tamaki joins to protect Kagetora, the prime minister’s nephew.

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Kagetora is used to being in danger, but he and Tamaki come from very different walks of life. Tamaki has been scraping by and looking after her younger brother on her own while Kagetora has been working for the family business and living in luxury. Tamaki starts to gain confidence as she protects Kagetora and learns to deal with his kooky personality.

Spb 01

But both characters are hiding something, and we’ll have to wait until they trust each other to find out what it is!