Sailor Moon SuperS Is Here!

Come one, come all to a Blu-ray of beautiful dreams!

By Charlene Ingram April 24, 2018

Smss vizblog 1200x630

Do you have a beautiful dream? One that lingers with you well after you wake and fuels you throughout the day? Isn’t it amazing when that happens? Let’s not drift too far into dreamland, though. It’s time to talk about the season that’s all about dreams, Sailor Moon SuperS! No need for pinching, this one is totally real and out today. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? You get the first half of the season on three DVDs and three Blu-ray discs as well as a treasure-filled booklet all housed in a shimmery minty green chipboard box. If you’ve been collecting Sailor Moon from the beginning, you may even be noticing a trend. Yes, you got it! The sets are slowly forming a rainbow! It’s full of prismatic glory reminiscent of a certain “Moon Gorgeous Meditation”! Still not convinced? Check out the thrills and excitement of this trailer!

Will Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon and the mysterious new friend, Pegasus, be able to protect the beautiful dreams of the world? You’ll need to get your set to find out! Speaking of beautiful dreams, let’s sign off on a truly fanciful note.

Remember when we mentioned our Sailor Moon SuperS Moonlight Masquerade at Anime Boston? It was a glorious event, indeed! As we celebrate Sailor Moon’s stupendous fourth season, let’s take a look at some highlights from the contest.

Congrats to all the lovely winners!