Read My Hero Academia For Free!

Right now you can read 30 chapters of My Hero Academia for 30 days!

By Urian Brown July 01, 2018

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This series SMASHED onto the manga and anime scene and now it's everywhere! Anime convention halls are bursting with cosplayers dressed up as their favorite My Hero Academia characters. And the creator Kohei Horikoshi himself is coming to San Diego Comic-Con!  

BUT! There are still some who have never read the manga! Well, we're giving them a chance to find out what the rage is all about. We're putting the first 30 chapters of the manga in the FREE MANGA section for the entire month of July! This is the perfect chance to check out the manga for free or get some of your friends into it. 

Just head to the FREE MANGA section and start reading! 

Now that's Plus Ultra!