Rafale, Champion Fur Hire

There's nothing more dastardly than a pack of...furries!

By John Bae May 31, 2018

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Dark Saviors has a cool new squad of monsters that swarm the field and use their effects to overwhelm an opponent. The most powerful of them all is a monster that can grab cards from the Deck and negate the activation of an opponent’s monster effect. If you’re looking to add that power to your team, you’re in luck—he’s Fur Hire.

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Rafale, Champion Fur Hire is a Level 8 LIGHT Dragon with 2800 ATK. Rafale is a member of the “Fur Hire” theme. There are two types of “Fur Hire” monsters:

1) The low-Level (Level 4 or lower) monsters, which have an effect that Special Summons a “Fur Hire” monster from the hand once per turn, plus an effect that activates when a “Fur Hire” monster is Special Summoned, and...

2) The high-Level (Level 5 or higher) monsters, which have effects that activate when they’re Special Summoned, based on the number of “Fur Hire” monsters you control, plus an effect that helps to protect your “Fur Hire” monsters.

As a Level 8 monster, Rafale, Champion Fur Hire is a member of that second group.

If you Special Summon Rafale, it excavates cards from the top of your Deck equal to the number of monsters “Fur Hire” that you control with different names, other than Rafale, Champion Fur Hire. You get to choose one of those excavated cards to add to your hand, then shuffle the rest of the excavated cards back into your Deck. The more “Fur Hire” monsters you control, the more options you’ll have when you Special Summon Rafale and activate its effect.

Rafale, Champion Fur Hire also packs a powerful Quick Effect that can be used once per turn. By discarding a “Fur Hire” card, Rafale lets you negate any monster effect your opponent activates.

Rafale’s ability to add cards to your hand from the top of the Deck feeds into its power to negate your opponent’s monster effects. Use Rafale’s first effect to add a “Fur Hire” card from the top of your Deck to your hand and then discard that “Fur Hire” card when your opponent activates the effect of a monster in order to negate the activation of that monster effect.

Rafale, Champion Fur Hire and the rest of the “Fur Hire” monsters are available now in Dark Saviors booster packs. You can employ them in your Deck today!