Put Yourself in Her Shoes

Growing up is a magical adventure in the new manga Ran and the Gray World!

By Amy Yu November 21, 2018

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I am soooo excited to introduce the new VIZ Signature series, Ran and the Gray World! I have to say it’s my new favorite right now, and many people at VIZ also love it! The art is gorgeous, and I find both the magical elements and the characters charming—something that’s not easy to pull off! And though I would not ask that we judge a book by its cover, you are all in for a treat because this beautiful book has a larger trim size than our regular manga as well as gatefold flaps! (And no ads—if that makes you happy at all. Haha~)


Ran Uruma is a young girl who has magical powers brewing inside of her. When she slips on a pair of sneakers, she transforms into a grown woman!

Raw01 027

Ran’s older brother Jin tries to keep her out of trouble, and sometimes he has to resort to magic himself!

Raw01 093

These siblings don’t get to see their mother much since she’s a Grand Sorceress who lives far away protecting the world from harmful bugs. But sometimes, Shizuka is able to visit her family…with treats!

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Ran misses her mom and attempts to fly so that she can visit her, but she ends up landing on the balcony of a rich playboy named Otaro Mikado!

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Otaro has no idea that Ran has magical powers, but he definitely knows that there’s something special about her…

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I love watching Ran navigate through the challenges of growing up, and I’m so curious to see where her journey will take her! Please check out the free preview and share your thoughts!

Be sure to check out volume 2 when it’s out on February 19!