Power Talker!

Talk the talk and walk the walk with this amazing card!

By John Bae August 02, 2018

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There’s a new Link-3 Cyberse monster coming in Structure Deck: Powercode Link, and that monster will bring new power to Duelists’ Extra Decks! The upcoming Powercode Talker can negate a monster’s effect and has the ability to increase its own ATK to incredible heights!

Powercode Talker has 2300 ATK to start and can be Link Summoned by combining any three monsters. This generic Link Summoning requirement makes it easy to Summon Powercode Talker in just about any Deck. You can use Normal Monsters, Effect Monsters or even Tokens to Summon it! A simple activation of Scapegoat to Special Summon four Sheep Tokens will let you Link Summon Powercode Talker and give you a monster to link to it.

Powercode Talker has an effect that lets you target a face-up monster on the field and negate that monster’s effects until the end of the turn. This can come in handy if an opponent’s monster has an effect that’s giving you a hard time.

Powercode Talker also has an impressive Quick Effect. Once per turn, if Powercode Talker battles an opponent’s monster, during damage calculation, you can Tribute one monster that Powercode Talker points to in order to double Powercode Talker’s original ATK during that damage calculation. That means you can trade in one of your monsters that’s linked to it in order to raise Powercode Talker’s ATK to a whopping 4600!

Powercode Talker’s Link Arrows point to the right, to the left and to the bottom left. That means no matter which zone you put Powercode Talker in, it’ll always point to at least one of your other Monster Zones. That makes it easy to link a monster to Powercode Talker and use Powercode Talker’s effect to double its ATK.

By attacking with your monster that’s linked to Powercode Talker before Tributing that monster to double Powercode Talker’s ATK, you can get the most out of your monsters. After attacking with a monster linked to Powercode Talker, you’ll still be able to use Powercode Talker’s effect to exchange that monster for an extra 2300 ATK.

Since Powercode Talker’s effect to double its ATK can be used during either player’s turn, leaving Powercode Talker on your field while it’s linked to another of your monsters can be a powerful defensive maneuver. While your Powercode Talker is linked to one or more of your other monsters, your Powercode Talker will be able to double its ATK to 4600 if it’s attacked. Your opponent will likely need to destroy all of the monsters that Powercode Talker is linked to before he or she can take down Powercode Talker in battle.

Powercode Talker’s power to negate a monster’s effect, combined with its ability to double its ATK, makes it capable of defeating just about any monster. You can add Powercode Talker to your Extra Deck when Structure Deck: Powercode Link launches on August 10!