Pack Your Bags For Morioh!

Join Josuke and others in this bizarre town in Diamond Is Unbreakable, Set 1

By Urian Brown July 01, 2019

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It’s 1999, and Jotaro Kujo has just arrived in the idyllic Japanese town of Morioh–only this time, he’s not hunting DIO and his henchmen. His search for the illegitimate child of Joseph Joestar has brought him face-to-face with Josuke Higashikata, a Stand-wielding, butt-kicking high schooler who happens to be afraid of turtles.

But behind Morioh’s tranquil facade is an invisible evil slowly eating away at the peace and well-being of its residents. Bizarre happenings are becoming commonplace, and the Joestar clan must rise to the occasion if they and the town of Morioh are to survive.

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