One-Punch Man Is Coming to Toonami!

UPDATE with new cast member. Saturday nights are gonna get a lot more SMASHING starting July 16! Meet the English cast.

By Charlene Ingram July 14, 2016


Looks like we have one more cast member we're busting out a bit early because he can't seem to control himself! This one's definitely not getting out early for good behavior but we can't keep the news locked up any longer. Who could it be?

Puri-puri Prisoner - Ray Chase

Have you heard? The hardest hitting anime series ever is headed to TV this weekend! That's right, ONE-PUNCH MAN is coming to Toonami! You can watch Saitama obliterate any opponent every week at Midnight (Eastern time). Don't know about ONE-PUNCH MAN? It's only the most badass, over-the-top spectacle to wear a yellow jumpsuit of all-time forever. Check out this trailer:

We had a lot of fun last weekend at Anime Expo hanging out with the staff and cast from the U.S. and Japan and everyone is super excited to be a part of this legendary series. You've already met some of the heroes last weekend, want to find out more people joining the cast? Let's review!

Opm Cast Ax 1

(Pictured: top row left-to-right, Erik Scott Kimerer, Robbie Daymond, Charlene Ingram, Zach Aguilar, Max Mittelman, Makoto Furukawa; bottom row, left-to-right, Dave Casipit, Amy Mar, Shingo Natsume.)

Saitama - Max Mittelman
Genos - Zach Aguilar
Speed-O'-Sound- Sonic - Erik Scott Kimerer
Mumen Rider - Robbie Daymond
ADR Director - Chris Cason
Localization Producer - Dave Casipit
Script - Mike McFarland
Recording Studio - Bang Zoom! Entertainment

Opm Cast Ax 3

(ONE PUNCH MAN announcement at Anime Expo 2016 – Photo by Cospix)

Now, hot off the presses, let's find out more of the ONE-PUNCH MAN English cast! ***Drumroll***

Fukegao - Kirk Thornton
Marugori - Bryce Papenbrook
Vaccine Man - Christopher R. Sabat
Mosquito Girl - Cristina Vee
Doctor Genus - Ray Chase
The Beast King - George C. Cole
Armored Gorilla - Kaiji Tang
Ground Dragon - Ben Diskin
Kamakyuri - Kyle Hebert
Frog Man - Kirk Thornton
Bearded Worker - Marc Diraison
Bespectacled Worker - Kyle Hebert
Carnage Kabuto - Mike McFarland
Doctor Kuseno - Doug Stone
Hammerhead - Edward Bosco
Amai Mask - Ben Lepley
Snek - Kirk Thornton
Terrible Tornado - Marieve Herington
Blizzard from Hell - Laura Post
Sitch - Kirk Thornton
Spring Mustachio - David W. Collins
Tank-top Tiger - Chris Tergliafera
Konbu Infinity - Tara Sands

Pretty awesome cast, huh? Did you catch that little nod to a certain other Shonen Jump classic in the casting of Vaccine Man? You see what we did there. We're still pretty early in the recording process, so we'll have more cast members as they are decided.

We're also happy to announce that the English voices of Saitama, Genos, Speed-'O-Sound Sonic and Mumen Rider will be coming to the East Coast's largest anime convention, Otakon, in lovely Baltimore, MD August 12-14, 2016. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the event and find out how YOU can snag one of these sweet posters!

Opm Cast Ax 2

You can see everything ONE-PUNCH MAN on our dedicated page, including free streaming episodes of the Japanese original (with English subtitles), and free chapters of the bestselling manga that inspired the anime.

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