Mangaka Musings 6/5/2022

Thoughts from the mangaka about their manga, lives, and other random things.

By VIZ Media June 05, 2022

Seraph of the End
Yamato Yamamoto

MM_Seraph Yamamoto

Volume 27 is now on sale in Japan. Please check it out!

Twin Star Exorcist
Yoshiaki Sukeno

MM_Twin Stars Sukeno

I never know what to write for these author comments. The manga artists in weekly magazines have it so hard. They have to do this every week?!

Blue Exorcist
Kazue Kato

MM_Blue Exorcist_Kato

I might catch a cold from the difference in mood between Karukaya and Blue Ex.

World Trigger
Daisuke Ashihara

MM_World Trigger_Daisuke

I wrote the bellyband comments for the Japanese release of the last volume of Magu-chan: God of Destruction, which is on sale today. Are you sure it was okay for me to write it?! Please check it out!

Show-ha Shoten!
Takeshi Obata

MM_Platinum End Obata

I got stopped at the police station three days in a row. Be careful, as you are judged by your appearance.

Aliens Area
Fusai Naba


What fate will Sharaku and Tatsumi meet?! I’ll do my best! Thank you for the support!

One Piece
Eiichiro Oda


The judging for the Tezuka Awards was in person for the first time in a long time. I wonder if we’ll slowly be able to get together.

My Hero Academia
Kohei Horikoshi


My hair has grown so long I look like an endgame villain. Even though I’m probably the weakest in this city!

Sakamoto Days
Yuto Suzuki


I finally saw the new Pocari Sweat commercial. It’s amazing that they aren’t using much CG!

Mission: Yozakura Family
Hitsuji Gondaira

MM_yozakura Gondaira V2

I strained my neck, and it really hurts. The least painful position is to turn my neck to the bottom right, so I’ve been living posed like a sad Western painting.

Yuki Suenaga


I was really amused by how shady the Mefilas alien was in Shin Ultraman.

The Elusive Samurai
Yusei Matsui


As a history lover, my heart goes out to Old Kyiv. I pray for peace.

Super Smartphone
Kentaro Hidano


I went to the movie theater for the first time in a while! The big screen and audio were great!

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku
Ryo Nakama


Somebody hand made Gomez merch, and it’s supercute! I’m so happy!

WITCH WATCH Kenta Shinohara


Miharu moving in, Minecraft, otaku, UroMira, umbrellas, denim, school festivals, stand-up comedy. In other words, volume 6 is on sale in Japan!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Hajime Komoto


Hengoku no Schwester is really good!!!! It’s super heated!!!!

Mapollo 3


All my Solosis evolved into Duosion. They are twice the size, and it’s great!

Me & Roboco
Shuhei Miyazaki


One of my few mangaka friends, Fusai Naba Sensei, has started a new series! Read it!

Blue Box
Kouji Miura


Yukimi Daifuku from Kikufuku are delicious… I want to eat Kikufuku too… I want to drink a Zunda Shake and eat gyutan and…

Undead Unluck
Yoshifumi Tozuka

MM_Undeadunluck Tozuka

I watched Shin Ultraman! I love the Dismembering Halo, so it was so exciting! I want to see it again!

Hideo Shinkai


I want to play Elden Ring, but I must defeat Genichiro Ashina. And I want to see Cloud.

Doron Dororon
Gen Oosuka


The chocolate mint flavor of Garigari-kun is delicious. I want the Ultraman tumbler prize!

Protect Me, Shugomaru!
Daiki Ihara


The past six months have been an agony and a struggle. I will be back. See you!