Mangaka Musings 12/12/2021

Thoughts from the mangaka about their manga, lives, and other random things.

By VIZ Media December 12, 2021

Jujutsu Kaisen
Gege Akutami

mm_JujutsuKaisen_Gege Akutami

It was embarrassing when someone told me, “You have Hunter x Hunter volumes all over your house.”

Mission: Yozakura Family
Hitsuji Gondaira

MM_yozakura Gondaira V2

I always have a little regular cola with my fried chicken. Hurray for oil and sugar!

Doron Dororon
Gen Oosuka


I was sent a picture of my young niece holding an issue of Jump. She was so cute.

Hajime Komoto


The hamburger steak at Saizeriya is so delicious!!!!!!!!!!

My Hero Academia
Kohei Horikoshi


All of my editors through the years got together and took me out to eat. I was so happy.

Elusive Samurai
Yusei Matsui


I don’t need the peanuts in the kaki no tane snack. I just want to suck on the spicy rice crackers until the flavor’s all gone.

Riichiro Inagaki


Actual liquid crystal displays add a polarizing plate here. How was someone able to come up with this design?

Sakamoto Days
Yuto Suzuki


Finally got the conic bin I’ve wanted for so long. The ink doesn’t dry out. Amazing!

Protect Me, Shugomaru!
Daiki Ihara


Line I want said to me #1: “We need you in the club. Please come back, Senpai.”

Yuji Kaku


The time has finally come when I no longer know what to write here, and it’s now harder to think of something than to draw the manga.

Blue Box
Kouji Miura


I received tangerines from my mom, persimmons from my landlord, and apples from my editor.

Me & Roboco
Shuhei Miyazaki


I put on my suit for the first time in a while, and it didn’t fit at all. I panicked and ran out to get a new one. On second thought, maybe I should lose some weight.

Kenta Shinohara


I was on Hisanori Yoshida’s podcast Manga Radio. It’ll be out on 12/5.

Black Clover
Yūki Tabata

mm_BlackClover_Tabata V2

The Kameda Tsumami Dane senbei cracker mix is great! It’s the most common thing in there, but the fried peas are my favorite. Crunch!

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku
Ryo Nakama


I bought a bunch of gummies and tasted them all. As expected, the ones with fruit juice in them are the best.

Undead Unluck
Yoshifumi Tozuka

MM_Undeadunluck Tozuka

I finished my pages and went to bed. When I woke up, I had both of my arms crossed over my chest. What the heck? I’ve never slept in that position before.

Ayakashi Triangle
Kentaro Yabuki


This week is Jump Festa! I’m looking forward to the AyaTri stage show!

Magu-chan: God of Destruction
Kei Kamiki


It’s the season for Heattech. I wish I had a Uniqlo close by. I don’t have enough winter clothes.

Mapollo 3


A very cute new series called Inou-san started in issue 1 of the digital version in Japan. Please check it out!