Mamma Mia! Mario Is Here!

Read Mario's greatest hits from the last 30 years in Super Mario Manga Mania!

By Joel Enos December 08, 2020

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Super Mario and the cast of zany characters, including Mario himself, have not only been a part of our popular lexicon in the U.S. for basically ever—they’ve been a worldwide phenomenon.

In Japan, Super Mario-kun, manga stories written and illustrated by Yukio Sawada and based on the multitude of Super Mario video games, debuted in 1990 and have been entertaining multiple generations now for the past 30 years.

Now, for the first time in English, you can read what the creator considers to be the best of their best!

The stories included in this new volume of Super Mario Manga Mania were handpicked especially for you by the manga’s creator, Yukio Sawada. Some selections will make you laugh, some might make you cry, and all are an essential part of the legacy of Mario!

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Stage 1! Counting on You, Sushie! Is a weird, wacky story based on the Paper Mario video game, where Mario, Goombario and Kooper have to rescue the Star Spirits and get the Star Rod back from Bowser!

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Just like in the games, like this page in a story based in the Super Mario Sunshine game timeline, danger awaits our hapless hero at every turn during every quest.

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You never know what’s going to work to save the innocent from the dastardly. A time travel tale taking place during the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

102 Smmm Gn01 Body Blueline R2 Copy 102

It wouldn’t be a greatest hits collection without Princess Peach! This one’s based on Super Paper Mario!

131 Smmm Gn01 Body Blueline R2 Copy 131

Serious (or rather, not-so-serious) action exists inside these pages, ready for you to jump into now! This story is based on the New Super Mario Brothers Wii game and has the battles to prove it!

145 Smmm Gn01 Body Blueline R2 Copy 145

And…we actually do get serious, as in poignant. Yukio Sawada includes a very moving story about his own personal family tragedy that is much more touching than what you might expect from a Mario tale. The way Sawada weaves such a personal story into the world of Mario is an unexpected piece of manga writing that, while it may not be suitable for some more sensitive kids, shows why the series remains a classic and is still running in Japan today.

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