Let's Read BEASTARS Together

Got manga? Dive into the anime-inspiring hit BEASTARS.

By Amy Mar June 29, 2020

Join VIZ as we dive into the hottest manga series all summer long! Our next series is the multi-faceted thriller BEASTARS! You may have heard about it from the anime of the same name from Netflix. (Learn more about the series here.)

A murder, a forbidden romance and the power dynamic between predator and prey make BEASTARS a must-read. BEASTARS takes a fresh take on the "us vs. them" mentality full of twists and turns that allow for a new way to view something uniquely human through anthropomorphic eyes.

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Follow along with our manga club episodes or run your own manga club with the BEASTARS Reading Club Guide. Click to download the PDF. Inside are conversation starters and activities to help keep the discussion going. We want to know. Are you more of a tiger or a shrew? Join the conversation by using the hashtag #GotManga on all your social media posts.

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