Have You Seen My King?

Shiro has disappeared in K: Missing Kings and finding him won't be easy...

By Charlene Ingram March 17, 2017

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When the K TV series wrapped up, fans were hungry for more, to say the least. With a host of lovable characters and a gorgeous setting, all of us over here at VIZ hoped there would be more adventures, too! Luckily for everyone, K continues in a fantastical new movie, K: Missing Kings. Sweeeeeeeeet!

If you aren’t familiar with the world of K, we’ve got all the episodes of the first season right here on VIZ.com, both subbed and dubbed, to watch for free!

This movie drops you right into the action, so if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s recommended you check it out or give yourself a refresher if it has been a while.

In this all-new movie, our protagonist, Shiro, has gone missing and Neko and Kuro go on a mission to find their leader.

Of course, being the complex and intricate world of K, finding him won’t be easy, especially with the other clans involved! Let’s check out a brand new trailer!

The movie is out now, so go pick it up on Blu-ray, DVD or HD digital, and come back to the fabulous world of K!