Get Stumped by Jump! 2/10/2017

On Fridays, Professor Jump will pose a series of questions! And the answers are revealed on the Monday podcast!

By Alexis Kirsch February 10, 2017

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Every Friday, Professor Jump will pose a series of Shonen Jump questions! And the following Monday, the answers will be revealed on the Shonen Jump Podcast! But there's a twist! He'll also ask the SJ staff the same questions! Listen on Monday, and find out if you know more than than us!

It's a new year! The year of the rooster! Who's game for another year of classes?!

Question No.1: (LEVEL: EASY)
Name as many Jump Start series that were picked up for serialization in English Weekly Shonen Jump as you can.

Question No.2: (LEVEL: MEDIUM)
What came first, the Count Niwatori or the Baron Tamago?

Question No.3: (LEVEL: HARD)
Describe Luffy's Kitchen Sink Curry as accurately as possible.