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We're launching The World Next Door – our very FIRST video game!

By VIZ Media February 19, 2019

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Throughout our history, VIZ Media's entertainment offerings have grown and evolved to a point where manga and anime can be discovered in numerous forms. With each change, what remains steadfast is our passion for bringing fans incredible stories that connect through striking visuals and emotional narratives.

We're now directing some of that passion toward games in order to create truly standout interactive experiences for those who already enjoy what we offer. We are thrilled to present our debut game The World Next Door in collaboration with the talented development team at Rose City Games!

In The World Next Door, alluring hand-drawn aesthetics and lightning-fast puzzle battles come together to deliver a unique gaming experience. Explore the supernatural world of Emrys as Jun, a teenage girl who must harness her newfound magical abilities, battles fiends and befriends mystical creatures in order to find her way back home to Earth. Help Jun uncover what connects her to Emrys, and the mysterious events unfolding around her.

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The portal to The World Next Door opens via PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on March 28, 2019! See all platforms here.

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